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An artful, impact-driven NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain, inspired by and connected to the Amazonian Rainforest in real-time.

Each NFT features a totally unique combination of sub assets, mimicking the rainforest’s biodiversity. These sub assets begin as seedlings and unbloomed flowers, which is why each NFT contains the code for 3 different states of lushness. As collectors engage with the cause and the community through a custom game, community events, direct donations, and more - the plot blossoms and grows. Each new layer comes with added benefits. Stop contributing and a collector’s plot will slowly regress back toward its original state. These changes are automatically reflected in your Gemini or MetaMask wallet.

They're metamorphic

01- Ant Hill
02 - Cocoa
03 - Heliconia
04 - mushroom
05 - Water Lilly

designed for engagement

When you acquire an ÆTERNALS NFT, it’s more than a beautiful collector’s item. Our game development partners created an ecoverse where you can interact with your unique rainforest and complete daily tasks as the guardian of that digital space. As you tend to it, over time, the object evolves through three artistically rendered states: BUDDING, BLOOMING, and ENLIGHTENED. As the object in the game environment changes, so too does the asset in your wallet.

the impact

With the help of our community, 55% of the minting profits go directly to Rainforest Partnership for their continued stewardship of the land. Additionally, 1% of all our secondary sale proceeds will go directly to our carbon credit purchases with the goal of becoming a carbon-negative project.

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What is an NFT?
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NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are unique blockchain tokens that serve as a digital certificate of ownership for both virtual and real-world assets. “Fungible” means that they are unique and therefore can represent the ownership of something that is itself unique, for example a piece of art, a property, or a concert ticket. Fungible tokens are used to represent items that are homogenous, for example currency, in that every USD is equivalent to every other USD. There are many information resources online which can explain the technical nature of what an NFT is, how it functions and what they can be used for, and we encourage you to find additional research to help explain the concept, if needed.

For the purpose of this project, we have used an NFT as a digital proof of ownership of a digital asset.

Similar to a record or receipt of purchase of an item you may purchase from a retailer, an NFT proves when you bought an item, who from and who the current owner is all on a publicly available ledger known as a blockchain.

What are ‘The Æternals’?
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The Æternals are the first NFT to combine beautiful digital art, interactive gamification, and metamorphic change, driven by impact objectives and traced through blockchain infrastructure.

Each unique and stunning asset, when bought and/or sold:

  • contributes directly and transparently to the protection of the Rainforests of Central and South America
  • purchases Carbon Credits
  • provides access to an exclusive interactive game environment
  • grants access to a tiered community of likeminded collectors
  • provides exclusive access to a small batch of ultra-rare NFTs which include (for example) the rights to name newly discovered species on the Amazon, and physical access to tours by indigenous communities of the Amazon (with more to come in the future)
  • provides access to an exclusive interactive game environment

Primarily they are a limited number of beautiful 3D digital artworks that you can display proudly as both a collector and as a contributor to the protection of the rainforest.

How do I purchase ‘The Æternals’?
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We believe in making the collector experience as easy and as trustworthy as possible.

Because of that, we have chosen to partner with one of the most established NFT marketplaces - Nifty Gateway.

For new or first-time collectors this has two very substantial advantages:

  • Payment can be made very simply by either credit card or with crypto currency - the choice is yours.
  • There is no need to learn how to set up an NFT wallet to custody your new Æternals NFT. When you create an account on Nifty Gateway it automatically sets up a Gemini custody account for you - which is one of the most trusted third-party custody providers in the world.
  • provides access to an exclusive interactive game environment
  • grants access to a tiered community of likeminded collectors
  • provides exclusive access to a small batch of ultra-rare NFTs which include (for example) the rights to name newly discovered species on the Amazon, and physical access to tours by indigenous communities of the Amazon (with more to come in the future)
  • provides access to an exclusive interactive game environment

For more experienced collectors this also means that there will be no gas war for minting, as the assets will be pre-minted and randomized for the sale - ensuring a fair launch, predictable fees, and equal probability of ownership for all participating.

All you need to do is set up a Nifty Gateway account in advance and have your account funded or credit card ready for the sale.

How will ‘The Æternals’  contribute to the Amazon Rainforest and help to address climate change?
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This project has been created in conjunction with Rainforest Partnership - Since 2007, Rainforest Partnership has partnered with the indigenous and forest communities in the Amazon to conserve pristine , threatened rainforest, launched World Rainforest Day, and created Gen-Z for the Trees, a youth-led rainforest protection initiative, among many other accomplishments.

Through our pairing with Rainforest Partnership, we will be able to report our impact efficacy each quarter.

55% of all of the proceeds of the sale of The Æternals will go directly to Rainforest Partnership.

In addition, our project seeks to directly counteract and potentially exceed in addressing the carbon impact of our NFT issuance by claiming and redirecting 1% of all secondary market sales of ‘The Æternals’ to purchasing carbon credits.

In order to achieve this transparently and effectively we have partnered with ClimateTrade who has offset +1M tons of carbon, supports +50 projects from +20 different countries and aims to help companies achieve carbon neutrality by providing innovative emissions offsetting services, in hopes that through this ongoing mechanism our project cannot only achieve Carbon neutrality but achieve carbon negativity.

How do I interact with my Æternal?
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Our team has built an exciting, simple, and very fun game environment for you to enjoy.

The best part about this game is that the more you play, the more your asset grows and changes.

At the start of the project your Æternals have three stages of development, BUDDING, BLOOMING, and ENLIGHTENED. All of the NFTs begin in budding state in the original sale.

In order to grow to the BLOOMING state, you need to log in to the game and engage with your object.

You must evolve your object from state 1 to 2 in order to reach it’s ENLIGHTENED state.

But there is a twist— a very intentional one. Our project is primarily about curating, engaging and rewarding a community of collectors who understand that combatting climate change and protecting the world’s rainforests is an ongoing mission.

Which is why if a collector doesn’t keep up with interacting with their Æternal, they start to devolve from 3 to 2 to 1. There are benefits within our community for having the asset in the Enlightened stage.

In keeping with our philosophy of making the collector experience as easy and simple as possible, logging into the game is easy. There is no download necessary and it is a completely web-based game environment that you can run from your desktop or your phone. We recommend the desktop for best performance.

How do I play the Interactive Game?
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Upon launch you will find easy instruction on how to log in and play the game from the homepage of our website. The game is only open to Guardians who have purchased an Æternal, so we recommend you grab one to enjoy the peaceful and engaging experience we have created for you.

Can I play the game if I don’t own an Æternal?
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Currently, no you can’t. As the project develops, we have ideas to grow the game environment and may potentially include users who don’t own an Æternal themselves.

Why choose ETH over SOL?
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With our project, we are innovating new technical features and a desire to include as many people as possible in our community and our mission.

While there is data that has suggested that SOL, and several other chains, are currently more energy efficient, Ethereum is an integral community and protocol for our entire industry. Because of this, we feel Ethereum is the best choice in balance, and we humbly hope our project will demonstrate to our community that we can all be responsible regardless of the underlying chain.

We’ve included Carbon Credit purchases in the secondary sales of our assets to contribute to our project’s positive impact on the planet. The conversation on sustainable energy is about more than just consumption, it's also about sources in the protocol's power mix. Ethereum has a large pool of renewable energy in its mix.

When can I purchase an Æternal?
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Asset Sale Coming Soon, available for purchase on NiftyGateway.

Coming Soon
NFT Launch

We've partnered with Nifty Gateway to bring The Æternals to your wallets. Payment in crypto currency and fiat via credit card will both be supported. There is no need to learn how to set up an NFT wallet. Creating your account on Nifty Gateway will automatically set up a Gemini custody account for you. We aim to make this as accessible a process as possible. We are happy to announce there will be NO GAS FEES for minting, as assets will be pre-minted and randomized for sale.
Month 2
The Æternals' Game Environment Goes Live

Complete your daily tasks to evolve your digital rainforest. Explore your forest and make sure you nurture it regularly, or you will gradually lose your metamorphosis progress. The higher the state you’re in, the bigger and better rewards you’ll get back!
Month 3
Experience data influencing your NFT in game environment real-time

We've developed a strategy that connects your NFTs to smart (IoT) devices, satellite imagery, and other environmental data feeds so that real-world activity in the rainforest also automatically impact your NFTs within the game environment. Maybe you will get the chance to join us on the trip to place the sensors in the Amazon(*wink wink)!
Month 4
Watch Rainforest Partnership's Achievements Contribute to your NFT's Metamorphosis

We believe that a community thrives together - which is why when Rainforest Partnership meets its impact objectives, which you'll be informed of transparently through our community events and talks, you'll see everyone's NFTs impacted in turn.

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